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Prince - Emancipation

Emancipation, editado por Prince tras el abandono de la discográfica Warner Bros., con la cual había mantenido un litigio, acusando al sello de recibir el trato de un esclavo, es un generoso álbum triple de una hora de duración cada uno, conteniendo nuevo material que incluye originales más algunas versiones como I Can't Make You Love Me, popularizada por Bonnie Raitt y One Of Us, por Joan Osborne. Los discos son bastante diferentes entre sí, predominantemente pop el primero, baladístico el segundo, dance el tercero. Todos los géneros y estilos de música negra están presentes en Prince. Estas canciones son demostrativas de su talento sin límites.****

1.Jam Of The Year 6:10
2.Right Back Here In My Arms 4:43
3.Somebody's Somebody 4:43
written by Brenda Lee Eager and Hilliard Wilson
4.Get Yo Groove On 6:31
5.Courtin' Time 2:46
6.Betcha By Golly Wow! 3:31
written by Thomas Randolph Bell and Linda Creed
7.We Gets Up 4:18
8.White Mansion 4:47
9.Damned If I Do 5:21
10.I Can't Make You Love Me 6:37
written by James Allen Shamblin II and Michael Barry Reid
11.Mr. Happy 4:46
12.In This Bed I Scream 5:40

1.Sex In The Summer 5:57
2.One Kiss At A Time 4:41
3.Soul Sanctuary 4:41
lyric co-written by Sandra St. Victor
4.Emale 3:38
5.Curious Child 2:57
6.Dreamin' About U 3:52
7.Joint 2 Joint 7:52
8.The Holy River 6:55
9.Let's Have A Baby 4:07
10.Saviour 5:48
11.The Plan 1:47
xcerpt from full length ballet KAMASUTRA available on NPG
12.Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife 7:37

1.Slave 4:51
2.New World 3:43
3.The Human Body 5:42
4.Face Down 3:17
5.La, La, La (Means I Love U) 3:59
written by Thomas Randolph Bell and William Hart
6.Style 6:40
7.Sleep Around 7:42
8.Da, Da, Da 5:15
9.My Computer 4:37
10.One Of Us 5:19
written by Eric M. Bazilian
11.The Love We Make 4:39
12.Emancipation 4:12

Produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince
except were indicated

Rhonda S. – bass (1-4, 1-7, 2-6), fretless bass (1-10), bass on part 2 (2-1)
K. Dyson – dirty guitar (2-1), guitar (2-4, 2-6, 3-11)
hornz performed by the NPG Hornz – Michael B. Nelson, Brian Gallagher, Kathy Jenson, Dave Jenson, and Steve Strand (1-5, 2-10, 3-7)
performed by Prince with the New Power Generation - Morris Hayes, Tommy Barbarella, Sonny T., and Michael Bland (1-6, 2-10)
Vox Sample By The Poet 99 (1-2, 3-4)
Rosie Gaines - additional vox (1-1)
Eric Leeds - tenor & flute (1-1), baritone sax (1-4), horns (1-7, 2-1, 2-4), sax (1-10, 2-6), additional hornz (3-6)
Walter Chancellor, Jr. - sax (1-1), sax solo (3-6)
Rhonda S., K. Dyson, Montalbo Stewart - additional vox (1-4)
Brian Lynch - horns (1-7, 2-4), additional hornz (3-6)
hornz arranged by Michael B. Nelson and Prince (1-9)
spanish by Janelle and friend (1-9)
sample from What Can I Do Performed by Ice Cube/written by Leon Ware, Artur Ross, Ice Cube, Mychal-Kaye Simmons, Victor Nathan Taylor (1-11)
Ricky Peterson - piano (2-1), additional keys (2-10)
special tap performance by Savion Glover (2-7)
spoken word by the poet 99 (2-7)
scratches by Michael Mac (2-7)
driver played by HM Buff (2-7)
additional vox – Kathleen Bradford & Rhonda Johnson (2-12)
additional programming by Cesar Sogbe and Joe Galdo (3-3, 3-7)
car horn by Parke's jeep (3-4)
vox sample by the poet 99 (3-4)
additional vox - Chante' Moore (3-5)
guitar- Mike Scott (3-5)
shouts by Smooth G., Scrap & Michael Mac (3-6)
bobless pothead by Azifwekaré (3-6)
contains a sample of Atomic Dog performed as George Clinton Jr. (3-6)
written by Garry Marshall Shider, David Lee Spradley and George Clinton Jr. (3-6)
contains a replay section from Squibcakes as performed by Tower Of Power/written by Chester Thompson (3-7)
rap by Scrap D (3-8)
additional vox – Kate Bush (3-9)
backing vox – Mayte (3-10)

Recorded At Paisley Park Studios

Prince - Somebody's Somebody

NPG Records 7243 8 54982 2 0 (1996)

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