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Rob Brown/Guerino Mazzolla/Heinz Geisser - Orbit

Es asombroso escuchar el sonido de Rob Brown, tanto en la flauta como en el saxo alto: limpio, diáfano. El es un impresionante intérprete, dueño de una ejecución dotada de gran intensidad, que desarrolla en este álbum en el contexto de una improvisación libre, abstracta. También resulta muy interesante la interpretación en el piano de Guerino Mazzolla, fuertemente influenciada por Cecil Taylor. Donde la interacción entre los músicos es más destacable es en el último tema: Bungy Jump. ***

1.Boarding 4:02
2.Vision One 3:59
3.Vision Two 14:36
4.Vision Five 3:03
5.Superclusters 20:05
6.Bela's Dream 7:49
7.Bungy Jump 17:30

Rob Brown, alto saxophone, flute
Guerino Mazzolla, grand piano
Heinz Geisser, percussion

All compositions by Geisser/Mazzolla

Recorded at "The Studio", New York City, on October 19/20, 1996

Music & Arts 1015 [1997]

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soyo dijo...

Any free improvisers works with a core of practiced material. (As Mazzolla says, "this music is quite the contrary of spontaneous improvisation. It'a about long-term planning and then, when the jobs take off, a sudden burst of all those well-planned energies."). In the least-interactive, and so in my mind least-sophisticated and least-interesting, freely improvising ensembles, individual musicians work their core material without adapting it significantly to their contributions of their fellow improvisers. Layers of practiced ideas meet without evolving new ideas. But I never get that feeling in the seven compositions of Orbit. Of corse, the artists on Orbit have also practiced improvisational ideas in isolation and they have repertoires and techniques, but this music never sounds cobbled together from set pieces. The trio members listen and react to each other, while meticulously avoiding such hackneyed, free-improvisations gambits as echoing, which Roscoe Mitchell has scornfully referred to as "follow the leader". 1997 Scott Fields (from the liner notes)