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Paul Weller - Days of Speed

Days of Speed encuentra a Paul Weller en solitario, acompañando su voz con una guitarra e interpretando canciones de su repertorio solista hasta el disco Heliocentric, más el agregado de algunos clásicos propios como, por ejemplo,: English Rose (The Jam), Headstart for Happyness (The Style Council) y Town Called Malice (The Jam).****

1.Brand New Start 3:46
2.The Loved 4:23
3.Out Of The Sinking 3:33
4.Clues 4:40
5.English Rose 2:44
6.Above The Clouds 3:45
7.You Do Something To Me 3:43
8.Amongst Butterflies 2:57
9.Science 3:53
10.Back In The Fire 4:57
11.Down In The Seine 2:58
12.That's Entertainment 3:29
13.Love-Less 4:48
14.There's No Drinking After You're Dead 4:33
15.Everything Has A Price To Pay 4:06
16.Wild Wood 4:08
17.Headstart For Happiness 2:51
18.Town Called Malice 3:27

All songs written by Paul Weller

Independiente ISOM 26CD 5047172000 (2001)

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Paul Weller - Amongst Butterflies

The sunny sand we ran along
Everyday began upon
The summer's kiss of love and adventure

And every dune that we fell into
Left a mark upon us too
Etched forever as a moment we'd remember
And we'd remember

The empty woods where we played
Every hour of every day
The holidays went on forever

And in the woods was a soldier's tomb
The ghost of which looked over you
And God was there amongst the trees
We felt his whisper in the summer's breeze
And every night and every day
I learnt to love it in a special way
As I remember - what it's like to walk amongst butterflies