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Christopher Hoffman - Multifariam

El flamante álbum del chelista Christopher Hoffman, llamado Multifariam, es una nueva vuelta de página. Christopher Hoffman gusta de entregar propuestas siempre diferentes, y de ubicarse en los márgenes del jazz. Sonido crudo, ambient, música de películas no filmadas. Una serie de apuntes que requiere de repetidas escuchas para ser mejor apreciados. Disfruto en particular de la última parte del álbum. En piezas como: In a Reflecting Pool, Hovering, Tracking e In Higher Frequencies, encuentro toda una recreación de climas, plena de matices e imaginación. Una travesía por paisajes sonoros infrecuentes y atractivos.****

1.Don't Look Back 1:26
2.Like That 2:01
3.Obsecrate 3:34
4.The Lower Chambers 2:07
5.The Upper Chambers 2:46
6.Quieting 3:10
7.A Ghost 3:21
8.Banishment 1:51
9.Find Your Frequency 0:30
10.Cerebration 2:04
11.Frontier Surgeon 2:58
12.While You Slept 2:48
13.In a Reflecting Pool 1:57
14.Hovering 1:39
15.Tracking 3:33
16.In Higher Frequencies 1:17

Christopher Hoffman cello/loops/synths/bass
Tony Malaby saxophone
Aaron Kruziki flute/loops/bass clarinet
Christina Courtin voice/loops/violin
Frank Locrasto Rhodes/Juno/Arp
Michael Bailey modular synths/loops
Jeremiah Cymerman clarinet/loops
Ari Chersky guitar/loops
Craig Weinrib drums
Gerald Cleaver drums

Asclepius Records (2018)

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Kuku muniu dijo...

Hi :) do You have something from thid and you can upload?

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Coleman Hawkins - Body and Soul (Body and Soul & Soul are two different albums???)

CD release omits 5 tracks: "Say It Isn't So" [B2 on 2LP release],"Spotlite" [B3 on 2LP release], "I Never Knew" from January 17, 1956 session [C6 on 2LP release],"I'm Shooting High" from January 18, 1956 session [D3 on 2LP release],"The Day You Came Along" from January 20, 1956 session [D5 on 2LP release]



I found this video
and I learned some interesting things about form,composition and arrangement.

This things (post-bop VS free jazz) about which this guy says in
1:15,2:57,3:24,7:04 etc inspired me to further research.

I’d like to create a list of 50 (or 100 or more haha )
essential songs which are the quintessence of this genre (post-bop,weird chords etc)

I like pianists most (pianos also have strings like a guitar)
because complex chords on the piano sound best :)

Any ideas for recomendations???

bhowani dijo...

Thanks a lot! Merci beaucoup!!!