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Dave Stewart - Greetings From The Gutter

En Greetings From The Gutter, Dave Stewart, la mitad de Eurythmics, mezcla buenas cantidades de rock, pop, funk y rhythm & blues. Está acompañado por tres integrantes de Parliament/Funkadelic (Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell y Jerome 'Big Foot' Brailey), un conjunto de voces femeninas que incluye a Lady Miss Kier, Nona Hendryx y Siobhan Fahey, a los que se agregan notables invitados, entre otros, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson y Dave Sanborn. Las canciones son muy lindas, se distinguen la groovy Heart of Stone, la irónica Tragedy Street, y las baladas Chelsea Lovers y St. Valentine's Day, y contienen inteligentes guitarras a cargo de Stewart, simples y efectivos arreglos de cuerdas, y contagiosos coros. Beautiful. ****1/2

1.Heart Of Stone (4:35)
2.Greetings From The Gutter (4:12)
3.Crazy Sister (3:50)
4.Chelsea Lover (5:39)
5.Jealousy (4:52)
6.St. Valentine's Day (4:27)
7.Kinky Sweetheart (5:57)
8.Damien Save Me (5:23)
9.Tragedy Street (4:07)
10.You Talk A Lot (5:39)
11.Oh No, Not You Again (8:23)

vocals and guitars Dave Stewart
bass and space bass Bootsy Collins
keyboards Bernie Worrell
drums Jerome 'Big Foot' Brailey

electric violin and vocals on track 7 Laurie Anderson
guitar solo end of track 10 Lou Reed
saxophone on tracks 10, 11 Dave Sanborn
'argument' end of track 11 Carly Simon and Dave 'Pacino' Sanborn
drums on tracks 4, 11 Olle Romo
additional keyboards on tracks 1, 8, 9, 10 Terry Disley
acoustic guitar on track 5 Bootsy Collins
bass on track 7 Chucho Merchan
saxophone on track 8 Lenny Pickett
percussion on track 2 Larry Fratangelo
percussion on track 5 Henry Benefield & 'Mudbone'
flute, piccolo and recorder on track 4 Peter Thomas
strings arranged by Teese Gohl
drums on tracks 5, 9 Bootsy Collins

backing vocals Lady Miss Kier, Zhana Sanders, Kristen Gray, Barbara Tucker

additional backing vocals Mick Jagger, Bootsy Collins, Nona Hendrix, 'Sleepy Stone', Siobhan Fahey, and others

this record was recorded at 7 Dials Studio [London], Electric Lady Studios [New York], and The Church Studios [London]

EastWest 61735-2 [1994]

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ZedBit dijo...

Thanks soyo! Glory Days!
This funky unit cassette was my favorite on gray morning days for about 10 years until I lost that.
Now it supposes to return to my car!

soyo dijo...

Glad to know. Drive with care.