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Steve Lacy - Reflections: Steve Lacy Plays Thelonious Monk

Reflections: Steve Lacy Plays Thelonious Monk, grabado en 1958, es considerado el primer tributo a la obra de Thelonious Monk y Lacy uno de sus mayores intérpretes. El repertorio elegido consiste en las composiciones menos transitadas del genial pianista, versiones a las que el saxofonista añade frescura y su magistral ejecución en el soprano. Se destacan: el tiempo rápido Skippy y la balada Ask Me Now, con valiosas participaciones de Mal Waldron. ****1/2

1.Four In One 6:09
2.Reflections 4:10
3.Hornin'in 5:10
4.Bye-Ya 4:41
5.Let's Call This 7:17
6.Ask Me Now 4:56
7.Skippy 4:19

Steve Lacy (ss)
Mal Waldron (p)
Buell Neidlinger (b)
Elvin Jones (ds)

Recorded in Hackensack, NJ; October 17, 1958.
Digital remastering, 1990.

New Jazz/Original Jazz Classics 18606325 [1990]

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I received your message, tesl424. Please try again, because I could download files without problems (not only on my PC). Anyway, I will continue reviewing. A greeting.

tesl424 dijo...

Thank you so much for your update (and for the wonderful site!). I'll try once again.

elguz dijo...

I have this and was imposible to shut up. One one the greatest album of Lacy with the music of Monk. Beautiful music!

Ignacio González dijo...

Esteemed Yoyo, I luv steve Lacy and I would like to listen to this record but the part1 of the download is no longer available. Please repost it. I am a greatful sax player. Thanx
Ignacio gonzález Chile

soyo dijo...

Hi Ignacio,

the links are active. Please try again. If you can't download it, send me a mail and we'll find the solution. Login to my profile for address.


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